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My Process

Step 1: You email me with your name, contact info, a brief description of your work and the service you are interested in.

Step 2: I will email you back asking your time frame and when we can set up a Skype meeting

Step 3: We hammer out the details of what you want and how quick you want it done.

Step 4: I email you the contract for the work.

Step 5: Once you send me back a signed copy of the email and sent half of the agreed upon price of the work I begin working. E-transfers are accepted. Cash in person only.

Step 6: I send you back the work. You go over it with me in another Skype meeting until you are happy with what you have.

Step 7: You submit the second e-transfer and I leave a glowing review of your work in my portfolio.

My Story

I was a reader long before I became an editor. All through school I read everything that my library could offer. When trying to figure out what I wanted to do with the rest of my life my parents gave me one direction: not art. So instead, I went to the other thing I loved the most. Reading. I applied to McEwan University into the Communication Studies program. Four years later and many editing courses under my belt, I decided it was time to make a go of my dream.

Meet the Team

The brain behind the editor is not the only part of the team. My trusty laptop and notebook are never far from hand!

Copyright © 2017 Morena Stamm, 
Copyright © 2017 Paige Takes Pictures, All rights reserved.

Morena Stamm

Freelance Editor

Morena Stamm studied Communications at MacEwan University in Edmonton. She was born in a mountain village in Switzerland on her parents’ ski vacation. When she was a year old, her family immigrated to central Alberta, Canada. She grew up on a mixed dairy, beef and grain farm and learned how to work hard at an early age. She also became an avid reader and by Grade 9 had read her small schools entire selection of books in their library. Today, Morena enjoys challenging herself with her writing.


Want to know more?

Feel free to call at 1(403)704-0730 or email me to chat about your work or idea.