Mission statement: A statement that describes what service or product your business provides and what makes you different from similiar businesses. This can be as short as 1 sentence or a long manifesto depending on what your business needs. Mission statements are used to define the business.

Vision statement: A short statement that describes what change in the world your business wants to make. The vision statement is used to guide the business.

Logo: A vector that encompasses what the business is through shape, colour, letters. Must take in account the industry your business is and what the norms are within the industry.

Website: I help set you up with a domain and hosting site that fits in your price range for your business. Then we sit down and define what pages and content you want available on your site. I do the initial content writing for the site and then guide you through how to update and maintain your site. If you ever have questions or need help after the contract is completed I will continue to help you as best as I can.

*I do not make original designs

Blog: Together we define the purpose, audience and tone of your blog. I then can either draft ideas for future posts or write the initial posts for your blog. I will leave you with a manual on how to engage audience and analysis your statistics.

*I do not write and keep up your blog, I only help the initial set up

Social Media: This includes all platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, Linkdin, YouTube, Google Business, etc. Depending on what you need I can do the initial setup and first couple posts on the platform of your choice or I can update your current platform.


How much is my rate?

Since the nature of communications is so diverse I cannot give a blanket rate for the work. Email me your name, contact info, and what it is you are looking for (your idea, the service). I will email you back with a quote in 2 business days.