Looking for a little romance?

Hey everyone!

I have some exciting news. As a freelance editor, I have an innate love of reading books. Throughout my university career, I have been drawn to romance books. I love that you are always guaranteed a happy ending, and for a couple of hours, you can relax and just enjoy a good story about relationship building and love.

With that in mind, a friend of mine and I came up with the idea of launching a book box subscription service here in Alberta. The plan is to promote 12 Alberta authors and their romance books for 1 year starting this January. I’m excited to start new relationships with people and businesses in my community for this project and I can’t wait for it to take off!

That all being said, I’m not looking to make an income off of this project but to promote Canadian writing to Canadian readers (as the box is only available in Canada). For $25 plus shipping, you can treat yourself to a well-written romance as well as 1-4 items related to relaxation or the book. Items can include bath bombs, tea packets, bookmarks, scarves, gemstones, etc. There is also the option of buying an ANGEL box for $60 plus shipping, which has everything that the usual monthly box has plus a loose fitted T-shirt with the logo and cute expression on the back. The extra income from the angel box foes to supporting the admin costs, boxes, domain hosting, etc.

Sounds like something for you?

The check out the site, dreamchest.ca, and help support Alberta authors!

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