Sex Scenes That Work: Part 1

Whether you are a writing a romance novel, or a novel with a romantic element, being able to write a good sex scene is important. Even if you never show the characters having sex, you still want the scene to be strong and believable.

The first time writing a sex scene is going to be awkward. Often times this has more to do with writers having a fear of what others think of them. But it’s okay. As a writer, you should know when it’s not you but your character.


There are several ways to push outside of your comfort zone. One is research. This could mean reading sex scenes in novels similar in style to your own manuscript. Or you could take the visual route and watch porn to understand positioning, etc. The last is write the scene then use a reading software to listen for moments when you want to hear characters thoughts.

The important thing to remember in sex scenes is that the physical reaction should be equal to the emotional reaction. This means when the main character kisses the love interest, you should consider adding what his emotional reaction to the kiss is.


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