That Blank Page That Laughs at You

I had never believed that writer’s block was an actual thing. I assumed people who had it were just too lazy to write. They were procrastinating. That’s all.

Until it happened to me.writerblock

I had decided that I was going to write a book. I did my research. My intended audience, the genre I was writing in, approximate expected word count. (It’s adults, romance/fantasy, and a 100, 000 words if you were wondering.) I even had an outline of the story in condensed, not quite a short story, form. Everything was there.

I opened up a blank document, gave it a working title and set up an automatic table of contents. Then I stared at it. For two hours. I did everything to get myself in the right frame of mind to write. I had hot chocolate. I did some yoga. Had an electronica playlist (that way I wouldn’t listen to the words). I cleaned my room top to bottom. And still, I had nothing.


What do you do when you get in a situation like that?

For me, I sat down and read a quick book. One that was related (kind of but not really) to what I wanted to write about.


I had stumbled across this amazing book, Graceling by Kirstin Cashore, as I was walking through chapters. I had a couple minutes to spare, read the back and thought, ‘why not?’ So I sat down and fell in love. With the characters, the world, but most of all, the emotions it left me with.

It was with these emotions still swirling in me that I was able to sit down and break through the block. That first day I wrote five thousand words. For an aspiring author, I thought not bad.

Now that I have started the writing process, I hope to not have to go through such extreme measures again. And if I’m stuck, I go on the Youtube and get lost.


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