That Part Every Writer Dreads

Naming your book is like naming your baby. You can spend months on it and then end up picking something you never liked in the end because it was the only thing you could remember.

But when it comes to you book the title is everything. It can make or break its publishing history. So how do you avoid creating a flop?

Well, I think Michael Hyatt wrote it best. There are four categories that can help you limit the direction you want to take.

Number one is a title that makes a promise.

Younger (Sexier) You
Younger (Sexier) You

Number two is a title that makes you wonder or be curious.


Number three is a title that answers a problem or question.

The "Stop Eating so F#@%ING Much" Diet
The “Stop Eating so F#@%ING Much” Diet

Number four is a title that states its content.

The Hunger Games
The Hunger Games

I find that these are more of a starting point than anything. Once you have a direction you want to take then fine tune your title to make it unique and completely yours.

Good Luck!

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